What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 28

 As hoped for, the Blue Jay returned to my feeder and even brought two friends. The kids have been so excited by the activity at the feeder that we added a second one. I need to keep a camera handy to try to get some photos. We also added a small vegetable garden (tough work getting the ground ready). The kids love watching their food grow. All of this nature loving cuts into my knitting time, but at least I can share the knitting of others with you.

Last time, I promised you beautiful socks, and here they are!

Ravname: graylagran knit a gorgeous pair of Monkey Socks in Sailor's Delight in Artisan Sock. Sailor's Delight was one of the first colours I purchased way back in the early days of Hazel Knits and when paired together with this classic Cookie A pattern you can't go wrong.

Bethany (ravname: latinaknits) knit these comfy looking Haystacks out of the club colour Barn Door in Artisan Sock. I've knit this pattern myself in Barn Door's partner club colour, Weathervane, and it was a quick and fun knit.
Jan (ravname: chaddy233) knit this intricate pair of Marilinda Socks in Laguna in Artisan Sock. Another great HK/Cookie A pairing.
Sarah (ravname: mac-attack) chose the club colour Big Red for her amazing pair of St. Andrew's Cross socks. I'm keeping my eye on the designer of this pattern, Rose Hiver. We'll be seeing more of her work.

And finally, Lynda (ravname: lyndasav) knit a yummy pair of Boysenberry Yo socks in another classic HK colour, Plum Glace. Looks like I can't get enough of Cookie A this week!

Thanks to everyone for letting me share their projects.


What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol 27

It's a beautiful sunshine-y day and I've got more beauties to share with you. Can it get any better than this? 

Check out this gorgeous Simple Little Shawl that Aja (ravname: littlegoat) knit out of Hoppy Blonde in Entice. She is actually selling it in her etsy shop. Can you believe it? I don't know how she can bear to part with it.

Disa (ravname: glowey) knit a sweet little Autumn Leaves sweater out of Chocolatier in Artisan Sock. Isn't it yummy? And I love the buttons.

Here's something I was just thrilled to come across. Ravname: EffinEffie crocheted a stunning Hearts Desire shawl in In the Clover in Artisan Sock. You can click on the link to see a picture of the entire shawl but I thought this close up picture was so awesome. It might be time for me to think about dusting off my old crochet hooks again. Or at least digging out my In the Clover for a snuggle.

Debbie (ravname: DEBMIL) knit these adorable Duck booties in Stick o'Butter in Artisan Sock. How cute would they be on a little baby? Too cute!

And finally, Linda (ravname: LindaNeedles) used January's feature colour Zest in DK Lively to knit this awesome Gyllis shawl. Great colour choice!

Thanks to everyone for letting me share their projects. Next time I'll have a sock summary to share. For now, I'm going to watch the birds at my new bird feeder. Maybe the blue jay will come back for a visit.


What the HK is on Viki's Needles?


Ah, finally.

I finally have something I can share with you. I've cast on a beautiful pair of socks called Sweet Home as part of the Hazel Knits - Irish Girlie Knits Knitalong. I'm using Artisan sock in Arroyo.

Isn't that brown amazing? Look at all the shades and textures in there.

Here, have a closer look:

I'm going to love these socks!


What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol 26

It's time for a another look at some beautiful knitting. Today we will be looking at mostly socks but I do have one shawl I had to include.

Recently Hazel Knits Entice was the featured yarn for Janel Laidman's Knitterati Sock club. Members received two patterns and the exclusive colourway, Iceland.  

Renee (Ravname: rdladd) chose to use her Iceland to knit the club pattern Birch Dreaming Deep. The result: a lovely shawl.

Lorraine (ravname: lat0405) chose to knit Boreal with her Iceland. The result: a gorgeous pair of socks. It seems you can't go wrong with this club, except that you can't knit both patterns with the lovely club yarn.
Two pairs of socks have shown up recently in the fun colour Electrolyte. Anne (ravname: annepaalandet) used Electrolyte to knit these eye-catching Kelmscott socks. Kelmscott was a mystery sock by Kirsten Kapur (one of our former KAL designers). Anne chose a great colour for these socks despite not knowing what the socks would look like in the end.You can read more about Anne's socks on her blog (use the translator to read her blog in English).

The other pair of Electrolyte socks were Sophia's (ravname: Violiknit) super fun Hedera Socks. Sophia certainly knows how to put a look together. These amazing shoes complement her socks to perfection.

Rhonda (ravname: rstovin) designed a beautiful pair of socks in the equally beautiful colour, Arroyo, in Entice. More information about her sock pattern, Lady Arya, can be found here.

Toni (ravname: Triestina) knit a pair of Daphne socks in the colourway Pacific in Entice. I hope she is using mannequin feet for this picture, or else she is very flexible.

And finally, Leanne (ravname: pezessed) knit these lovely Froot Loop socks using the colourway Oh My Darling which was an exclusive colourway for Cookie A's sock club in 2011.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their lovely projects. I've cast on for the latest Knitalong featuring Irish Girlie Knits patterns. I'll share my progress with you next time. Have you cast on for the KAL yet?


Featured Colourway of the Month

Did you know that every (well, almost every!) month Hazel Knits has a featured colourway of the month? And, that the featured colourway is offered on all the HK yarn bases at a 10% discount? AND, since last month there wasn't a featured colourway, that this month there are two featured colourways?

Check out this month's colourways - Orchid:

And Fresh Cut:

You can find out more info and order here. And while you are on the website check out the latest shipment of yarn bowls that have just arrived!

This past weekend my family went to Farm Party in celebration of local food and Earth Day. I picked up my first seedlings of the season. Beautiful Rosemary plants. I love Rosemary in hamburger and on potatoes. 

And I picked up the most gorgeous eggs ever.

I'm so excited about the start of market season around here, I just had to share.