2016 Summer Rogue (One-of-a-Kind Skeins), Split-Skeins and Odds and Ends SALE

Our annual summer sale will start on July 8th, 2016 at 8am Pacific Daylight time.

We will be listing loads of "Split-Skeins", "Rogue" (one-of-a-kind colorways) and odds and ends.

The Hazel Knits “Rogue” sale is a fast-paced sale in which these single or few-of-a-kind skeins tend to move quickly. Here are some tips to help the shopping go smoothly for you.

It is important to note that “Rogue” skeins are limited and available on a first-come, first serve basis. As a result “cart-hijacking will inevitably occur. Cart hijacking happens when you have an item in your cart and another customer is quicker on the draw and purchases it first.

If an item in your cart is no longer available, you won’t be able to check out or get to the next screen until that item is removed. The only way to tell if the item in question is sold out is to click on the item picture to see if there is still stock. If the item is out of stock, go back to your shopping cart, remove the item and continue with your purchase.

Now, here is a super important bit of info: currently you can add Rogues to your wishlists. This is great to help you track what things you like, however I DO NOT recommend shopping, while using the links from your wishlist. Due to the “cart hijacking” issue mentioned above, I find it is much better to get out a pencil/paper and write down the item numbers of everything you want from you list and then shopping directly from the Rogue page. The listings are in numerical order and grouped together by yarn base (1000-1299 Artisan Sock, 1400-1499 Cadence, 1500-1599 Entice, 1600-1699 Lively DK, 1700-1799 Piquant Lite, 1800-1899 Divine, 800-899 odds and ends.)

We will be removing listings as soon as they are sold so that you don’t waste time looking at things that are not available, so if you are on the actual page you can refresh (F5 on your computer keyboard) to see what is still up for purchase.

If there are Rogue colors you covet, we recommend purchasing them individually (and quickly - do your browsing before sale day!) We will combine shipping for all orders placed on Friday, July 8th and Saturday July 9th. We will issue refunds for all postal over-charges whenever it is applicable, so there is no risk in making separate purchase other than the initial charge for shipping, which will be refunded if the package costs less to ship than what you paid (margin of +-$1). We offer free USA shipping on orders of $150 in MERCHANDISE. Free shipping to other parts of the world is $250 in MERCHANDISE - this will include sale items and combined items.

We also recommend creating a web-store account if you don’t already have one. Be sure you are signed-in before you shop on sale day. This will speed up the checkout process. If you want to use a gift certificate, be sure to type it out in a notebook type program (word, outlook, etc.) and then copy the code using your computer mouse so you can paste it in the website at the payment screen. Be sure to write out the code exactly like it is in your gift certificate, using upper case letters and all of the dashes and symbols.

A few hours prior to the start of the sale the Rogue skeins will go dark as we move the sale items from preview only mode to purchase mode. Don’t worry, the site hasn’t crashed right before or as a result of the sale (at least we hope that will be the reason).