As predicted, my Sikkam hat knit up very quickly in Hazel Knits Artisan in April Showers, Violeta and Natural. It turned out very lovely and I think it will make a great spring hat when it is finally time to retire my toque for the winter (I'm in Canada and we will still require hats for a few months to come around these parts).

As soon as my daughter saw my hat she requested one of her own and helped me put together another colour palette. She choose a limited edition red, Violeta and Natural.

A little math to resize the hat and I was off and running. Have I mentioned that my daughter is four? She has a lot of style for a four year old.

Not long after, Sikkim #2 was finished.

And my daughter was happy!

The hat doesn't have much slouch but it suits her fine.

Now, what to knit next?


An HK Hat?

Yesterday, the new Hazel Knits - Through the Loops Knitalong began on Ravelry.

I finally decided what to cast on for this KAL and I'm already making excellent progress. I cast on Sikkim, a funky, slouchy hat.

The hardest part for me, was choosing which colours to put together. Wendee is known for her colour sense, not me. But I think I finally put together three colours that work together. I chose Artisan sock in April Showers (at least I think it is, I don't have the label), Violeta and natural.

I think it will be a fun Spring hat. I can't wait to finish it!
So what else am I'm working on? Well, as I mentioned last time, I've got several other things on the needles but nothing I can really talk about yet. But that makes for boring blogging. So how about a couple of teaser photos?

A little "something" in Shannypants:

A pair of "somethings" in Vamp in Entice:

And a new "something" in Loosey Juicy:
Next time, I should have a finished hat to show you.