What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 21

Last week we looked at the Mystery Socks that were finished as part of our recently completed Knitalong and admired how the socks looked knit in different colours. But knitters didn't have to knit the Mystery Socks to participate in our KAL. They could choose to knit any other pattern by verybusymonkey as well ... and many of them did.

Let's have a look at some of the other awesome socks that were posted.

Iben (ravname: Ibnik) knit a gorgeous pair of Malachite Butterfly socks in Sagebrush.

Sue (ravname: soxsusie) completed these beautiful Cadence socks in the equally beautiful Violeta.

Jean (ravname: MissFrances) knit a pair of stunning Gretya socks in the club colour Coleus.

Check out all the detailed work Melissa (ravname: Melissa724) did on her amazing pair of Doppelganger socks in Shannypants.

And if that isn't enough to tempt you, have a look at Jen's (ravname: whirlstrom) awesome pair of Aliso Creek Socks in the club colour Meadow.

Fantastic work everyone and great designs verybusymonkey. Thanks to everyone for sharing their projects with us.

Check out our current KAL if you want to join in on the fun!


What the HK is on your Needles? Vol. 20

Have you ever wondered which colour you should choose for your next pair of socks? How will the colour you choose knit up? Would your socks have looked better in another colour?

I love looking at the socks that were completed during our recent Mystery sock knitalong. The socks were knit up in so many different colours. So many colours knit with the same pattern really gives me the opportunity to see how each colour looks knit up. A level playing field for each colour, if you will. Each colour works in its own way, but each one results in a very different pair of socks.

Let's have a look at some beautiful examples.

Tash (ravname: coxabey) knit hers in the club colour Good Morning in Artisan Sock. So cheerful.

Carrie (ravname: revelling) knit hers in Cherry Fizz in Artisan Sock. A lovely choice.

Elizabeth (ravname: Escantrell) chose to knit hers in Shady Verdant in Artisan Sock. A more subtle choice.

Ann's (ravname: ear2) socks were knit in club colour Jubilee. A festive choice.

And finally, Dawn (ravname: dawn76) knit hers in the new colour Orchid in Piquant Lite. A pretty choice.

All beautiful choices. All beautiful socks. All very different in the end. Which one is your favourite?

Thanks to everyone for letting me share your projects. Next time we will look at some other KAL projects.


Just Plain Folk...

I love these new carpet tiles by Flor so much! Now, where in my house/studio could I possibly put them? (Yes, I know - I need a bigger studio :)
just plain folk | flor tiles

What cool faux-knitted products have you seen lately? Please share!


What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 19

We are having a beautiful Fall day here today, I hope you are too!

It's time to share some more beautiful HK handknits.

Linda (Ravname: latarthur) has knit this spectacular pair of Lohengrin socks in Electrolyte. Look at all those twisted stitches. And the colour choice is perfect. If I knit something this involved I'd want to use a colour that really makes it stand out and that is Electrolyte for sure.

Not to be outdone in the twisted stitch category, Lisa (Ravname: MochaKnits) finished an equally stunning pair of Twisted Flower socks in the slightly more subtle colour Strawberry Lemonade.

Karen (Ravname: Kaparoo) knit up this gorgeous pair of Haystack socks, a pattern from the August club, using the club colour Barn Door.

And Julie (ravname: jchant) recently completed this pair of Crow's Feet socks in Euphorbia as a gift. I'm sure the recipient will be delighted to receive these lovely socks.

But it can't be socks all the time, so let's have a look at Ravname: BlueberryHill's Abby Blanket. Knit in Carnelian, Nemo and Beachglass, some little baby will be very lucky to receive this. What a great colour combination.

Thanks to everyone for allowing me to share their projects.

I'll be back soon with a summary from our recently completed KAL.