Dum Dee Dum - pattern errata!

This applies ONLY to the Baby Bobbin’s Nest sock patterns (from the yarn release party). All other patterns (through ETSY) are printed correctly.

On the back page under the FOOT section:

Repeat rows 1 and 2 10 times SHOULD READ:

Repeat rows 1 and 2 10 ROUNDS.


Shop update!

Finally - I’ve set a date and I’m sticking to it!

The big shop update for Hazel Knits will be Saturday, March 15th - 9:00am (ish) All of the older colorways will be stocked as well as a few new ones. Several new tinted solid shades as well as a few variegated ones.


Shipping: For this update there will be a flat shipping rate of $4.60 for 1-3 skeins and free shipping for 4 skeins or more. If you are ordering 4 or more skeins, go ahead and use the etsy check-out, however DON'T continue on to Paypal - let me send you an invoice so you won’t get charged for shipping. (This is for NORTH AMERICA only - yes, Canada, that means you too!)

Stay tuned…