Shop update!

Finally - I’ve set a date and I’m sticking to it!

The big shop update for Hazel Knits will be Saturday, March 15th - 9:00am (ish) All of the older colorways will be stocked as well as a few new ones. Several new tinted solid shades as well as a few variegated ones.


Shipping: For this update there will be a flat shipping rate of $4.60 for 1-3 skeins and free shipping for 4 skeins or more. If you are ordering 4 or more skeins, go ahead and use the etsy check-out, however DON'T continue on to Paypal - let me send you an invoice so you won’t get charged for shipping. (This is for NORTH AMERICA only - yes, Canada, that means you too!)

Stay tuned…


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