What the HK is on your Needles? Vol. 20

Have you ever wondered which colour you should choose for your next pair of socks? How will the colour you choose knit up? Would your socks have looked better in another colour?

I love looking at the socks that were completed during our recent Mystery sock knitalong. The socks were knit up in so many different colours. So many colours knit with the same pattern really gives me the opportunity to see how each colour looks knit up. A level playing field for each colour, if you will. Each colour works in its own way, but each one results in a very different pair of socks.

Let's have a look at some beautiful examples.

Tash (ravname: coxabey) knit hers in the club colour Good Morning in Artisan Sock. So cheerful.

Carrie (ravname: revelling) knit hers in Cherry Fizz in Artisan Sock. A lovely choice.

Elizabeth (ravname: Escantrell) chose to knit hers in Shady Verdant in Artisan Sock. A more subtle choice.

Ann's (ravname: ear2) socks were knit in club colour Jubilee. A festive choice.

And finally, Dawn (ravname: dawn76) knit hers in the new colour Orchid in Piquant Lite. A pretty choice.

All beautiful choices. All beautiful socks. All very different in the end. Which one is your favourite?

Thanks to everyone for letting me share your projects. Next time we will look at some other KAL projects.


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