What the HK is on your Needles? Vol. 17

Wow! October is half over. Where did the time go? We are now into an awesome time of year to be a knitter. The crisp air is just begging you to don handknits. My daughter has already requested a new pair of colourful mittens - momma must obey. And I don't know about you, but I can already feel the holidays looming over me. Time to get those needles clackety clacking.

Where better to turn for inspiration than to some newly completed Hazel Knits projects.

Let's have a look, shall we?

Julie (ravname jfond) has completed Romi Hill's recently released, Kleio in the August 2011 club colours, Barn Door and Weathervane. A beautiful colour combination and I love that braid detail. I just finished a pair of socks in Weathervane and it is a great colour.

(Ravname) Pimpernel knit this lovely Tongues of Fire shawl in Shady Verdant.

You want to know what makes it even more lovely? Look at all the tiny beads! Amazing!

Fall is definitely shawl season, and while Tea (ravname Teacosy) was ready to knit a Fall shawl she wasn't ready to give up on summer completely, so she choose Euphorbia to knit her Little Colonnade shawl. My favourite. An excellent choice.

We'd better get those babies ready for Fall too. Jen (ravname Jenmag) knit up two sweet Rhythm hats in the club colours Pick Me and Lily Pad with Good Morning for the stripe. These are such a quick knit and were very well received by the baby mamas I gave mine to. I'm sure I'll be whipping up a couple more of these again soon.

We can't have a post without socks and Becky (ravname larkspur91) has knit up a very cute pair.

Aren't her Love Bugs adorable? They look so pretty in the club colour Pick Me.

And finally, Jenica (Jenicaknits) has another gorgeous sweater to share with us. This is Darling Emma in Vamp. Jenica was inspired to choose this colour after she woke up one night to find two bats flying around her room. I love Vamp, but I hope I never have to experience the same kind of inspiration.

Not only is Jenica's knitting beautiful but so are the photos she presents on her project pages. That's the kind of inspiration I can handle.

Thank you to everyone for allowing me to share your projects. Time to knit!


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