What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 16

Apparently, I'm not the only one who loves a good mystery, and there are some great ones out there to choose from. Socks tend to be a popular mystery choice, but recently Stephen West, a fabulous designer released a mystery shawl called Earth & Sky and several knitters chose to knit their mystery shawl in Hazel Knits.

I'm always hesitant about putting colours together (I don't have Wendee's colour sense) but these intrepid knitters prove it's easy to come up with beautiful and varied colour combinations that work. Even if you don't know where the design is going to take you.

Erica (ravname: ericaberry) knit her showstopping shawl in Artisan Sock in Beach Glass, Coveralls and Splish Splash. An excellent combination.

Tami (ravname: knitT) kicked her shawl up a notch and went for Entice in Splish Splash , Carnelian and Violeta. An eye-catching combination.

Caroline's (ravname: clcrawford66) stunning shawl is knit in Artisan Sock in Cloudy Day*, Starry Night* and Aurora Borealis. A little more traditional perhaps, but a combination I probably would have put together.

And Rachel (ravname: trtlgrl) knit her fabulous shawl in Artisan Sock in Laguna, Aquarius and Beach Glass. Another fantastic blue combination.

Apparently Wendee has a knack for coordinating blues.

What three colours would you put together?

club colours are indicated with *


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