What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 11

Well, let me tell you, moving is a lot more time consuming than I thought it would be. Between the unpacking, the meetings with contractors, the shopping for bathroom accessories, the bored children (who can't play outside because of the bulldozer in our backyard) and the exhaustion at the end of the day I have fallen behind in my posts here.

Hopefully, a few of these things are starting to ease up. There are fewer and fewer boxes everyday and it looks like we might get grass sooner than later.

But enough about me. What I've been meaning to get on here to talk about is some of the projects that were completed as part of the Anne Hanson - Hazel Knits knitalong that finished at the end of June.

Nancy (ravname: nbgriz) knit several pairs of socks during the KAL including this lovely pair of Dolomite Socks in HK Piquant in Blueberry.

Christine (ravname: Avalanche) knit this pair of Bricker socks in Artisan Sock in club colour Starry Night. I think this is a wonderful colour and had to get myself a second skein after my mother stole my first one. I think you can see why I had to have it.

Cathy (ravname: Abandonada) also knit Brickers, but hers were knit in Artisan Sock in Serenity. Both colours result in great looking but dramatically different socks.

Lorraine (ravname: lyeng11) knit a pair of Hayrick socks in Artisan Sock in the club colour Lilypad. Beautiful.

And finally, here is Rayleen's (ravname: Rayleen) Japanese Feather stole. The truth be told, Rayleen did not start this stole during the KAL, but she was inspired to finish it after two years and I think that is a bonus side effect of these KALs. Whether it is to inspire you to start a project, get the support you need during a difficult project that others are also knitting or finish a languishing project, it is all good. Congrats on finishing that WIP Rayleen!

Thanks to everyone for allowing me to share their projects.

I've got a few new projects in the works, a few finished projects I can finally share and some progress on my Monkey socks for the variegated KAL. So I'll be back soon!


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