What the HK is on your Needles? Vol. 5

I can't believe this is Volume 5 already. Time flies when you've got beautiful knits to document. And this week is certainly no exception.

I thought this time I would highlight some recently completed projects. These project vary dramatically but you can really see the versatility of HK Artisan Sock yarn.

First up is Erin (ravname: ErinB) with her gorgeous sweater, Candelia. It took Erin only 2.3 skeins of Chocoberry to knit up this stunner.

Adrienne (ravname: wdripp) knit up a snuggly Sprout hat in Euphorbia. There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby, except a sleeping baby wearing knitwear.

Marianne (ravname: mariannem) used some leftover Greenlake to knit her Dolly a beautiful Spring dress. Does this come in my size?

And of course, Artisan Sock is great for socks too. Terri (ravname: Terri32) knit up a pair of Spring Blooms as part of the Solid Socks Ravelry group's April-May Mystery sock. Mystery solved! They are lovely!

Not to be outdone, Stephanie (ravname: verybusymonkey) designed an amazing pair of socks in Violeta. Called Pythagoras, these socks are available for sale on Ravelry now. Keep your eye on Stephanie, she will be the Mystery designer for a future HK Knitalong on Ravelry.

And finally, Ange's (ravname: chasingbunnies) socks Take the blue line to the green line caught my attention for her whimsical photos. She took these photos on the Metro on the way home from a Stitch n Pitch event.

She was kind enough to send me a close up as well (the pattern is Charybolis). Love the bunnies!

Thank you to everyone for allowing me to share their projects. I am constantly inspired to knit more.


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