What the HK is on Viki's needles?

As predicted, I finished my Inky Dinky baby sweater in Artisan Sock in Camelia as part of the current HK/Anne Hanson KAL on Ravelry. I think it is going to make an absolutely precious baby shower gift. I'll probably add a little sleeper to complete the gift.

One thing I learned while knitting this, is that Anne Hanson (and her technical editor) is a genius. This pattern has so much going on at one time (and in about six sizes as well) but it all comes out perfectly in the end if you follow the directions to the letter. I almost whooped out loud when I got to the end of the yoke section and had the exact right number of stitches remaining.

I wouldn't say the pattern is particularly difficult in terms of knitting skills but you have to be able to focus over some pretty long rows while reading three charts at the same time and coordinating a number of decreases. I had to bust out my highlighters and a number of stitch markers to keep track of everything. Preparation and reading each section in full before beginning is the key. In the end, I feel pretty smart myself for getting it done and it was definitely worth the effort. The pattern is flawless.

My big problem, as usual came with the button selection. I never know if I should go matchy matchy or for contrasting impact. In this case, I've obviously gone for matchy matchy. I thought contrast would take away from the beauty of the sweater, especially on a sweater of this size.

And since the Ravelry KAL has really just gotten underway (it runs until the end of June - check it out - there are prizes!) I've already selected my next Anne Hanson pattern. Coming up next will be one of her latest patterns, Miss Doolittle, a fantastic looking lace scarf which I will be knitting in Pick Me from the February club package. And I have no fear, that no matter how complicated the pattern is, Anne will guide me through it with ease. I can't wait to get started!


Blogger Judy S. said...

I love Anne's patterns also! And your yarn!

May 21, 2011 at 6:58 PM  

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