What the HK is on your Needles? Vol.3

In February, (okay, it was probably March, thank you very much Canada Customs) a beautiful hint of Spring arrived on my doorstep (okay, it was actually in the superbox on the corner). Just what I needed during the dreary Winter that didn't seem like it was ever going to end (and still doesn't today).

The club contained two beautiful colours: Pick Me and Good Morning. I instantly fell in love with Pick Me and figured it would be the crowd favourite.

Wendee has a special knack with yellows and oranges, and Good Morning was the perfect yellow, but I had a harder time envisioning it as a finished knit garment. What would I knit with it? Wasn't it too sunny for socks? I could see it as a baby sweater. What would others do?

Well, imagine my surprise as more and more finished projects started showing up in Good Morning. And apparently it is not too sunny for socks. There were socks galore!

This week lets have a look at how some other Hazel Knuts chose to knit up their sunny skeins of Good Morning.

First up is Alison (ravname: skeeverfish) and her amazing Hearts and Flowers Socks, or, as she calls them, Yellow Mango Socks. I love a picot cuff.

Karen (ravname: Kaparoo) choose to knit the TTL Mystery Socks, which she happily calls A Cheery Good Morning to Me.

The next three Hazel Knuts all knit the March Sock Knitters Anonymous Mystery Sock, Cadence Socks.

Here is Cheerful Morning, by Jean (ravname: MissFrances), out for a stroll in the yard.

Becki (ravname: muddyrd) took her SKA Mystery Socks out on the deck for a photoshoot.

And bnich (ravname) kept her SKAMAR11 socks inside for their glamour shots.

This colour was obviously a perfect choice for the Mystery Sock. And I am sold that this colour definitely works for socks.

But it wasn't all socks. At least one other person saw what I originally saw in this happy yellow colour. Canoekey (ravname) knit up this sweet Fiesta Frock, which she calls her Sunny Day Frock. Isn't it just precious? The daisy buttons are just perfect!

Thanks to everyone for allowing me to share their projects and for convincing me that yellow socks are okay.

I wonder what my skein of Good Morning will end up being?

Next time I'll show you my latest finished project.


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