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I follow a variety of yarn companies and knitwear designers on FB. Vogue Knitting always links up to great articles and just yesterday they linked up to this article, which lead me to this sweater, which I SO WANT TO KNIT!

What makes it even more appealing to me is that this pattern is offered by local knitwear designer Andrea Rangel. It cracks me up a bit that she took the time to dissect this sweater into a pattern for the masses. And I'm glad she did! Be sure to check out her fantastic original designs as well. And color Hazel Knits tickled - she has a new design coming this summer using Artisan Sock! Woot!

On a different note, Melissa Goodale (aka Stick Chick Knits) patterns will soon be available on the Hazel Knits website - both in print and download-able formats. Stay tuned. :)


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