What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 28

 As hoped for, the Blue Jay returned to my feeder and even brought two friends. The kids have been so excited by the activity at the feeder that we added a second one. I need to keep a camera handy to try to get some photos. We also added a small vegetable garden (tough work getting the ground ready). The kids love watching their food grow. All of this nature loving cuts into my knitting time, but at least I can share the knitting of others with you.

Last time, I promised you beautiful socks, and here they are!

Ravname: graylagran knit a gorgeous pair of Monkey Socks in Sailor's Delight in Artisan Sock. Sailor's Delight was one of the first colours I purchased way back in the early days of Hazel Knits and when paired together with this classic Cookie A pattern you can't go wrong.

Bethany (ravname: latinaknits) knit these comfy looking Haystacks out of the club colour Barn Door in Artisan Sock. I've knit this pattern myself in Barn Door's partner club colour, Weathervane, and it was a quick and fun knit.
Jan (ravname: chaddy233) knit this intricate pair of Marilinda Socks in Laguna in Artisan Sock. Another great HK/Cookie A pairing.
Sarah (ravname: mac-attack) chose the club colour Big Red for her amazing pair of St. Andrew's Cross socks. I'm keeping my eye on the designer of this pattern, Rose Hiver. We'll be seeing more of her work.

And finally, Lynda (ravname: lyndasav) knit a yummy pair of Boysenberry Yo socks in another classic HK colour, Plum Glace. Looks like I can't get enough of Cookie A this week!

Thanks to everyone for letting me share their projects.


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