Linaria Bipartita

Way back in January and February, the Hazel Knits Raverly group participated in a Knitalong featuring the patterns of the oh-so-talented Hunter Hammersen.

Not only is Hunter talented, but she is also generous. She allowed our group to preview knit a pattern from her now-released book, The Knitter's Curiousity Cabinet.

The pattern was the beautiful Linaria Bipartita. And as a result, I now get to do one of my favourite things: see how a pattern looks knit up in lots of different HK colours. If you remember a couple of posts ago, I knit mine in Indigo in Artisan Sock. Looks good in dark colours. Check!

Holly (ravname: hollyisaac) knit hers in Stick o'Butter in Artisan Sock. Looks good in bright colours. Check!

Ann (Ravname: ear2) knit hers in the club colour Blue Spruce in Artisan Sock. Looks good in textured colours. Check!

Michelle (Ravname: jellybean405) knit hers in Beach Glass in Artisan Sock. Looks good in cool colours. Check!

Trish (Ravname: twhinkle) knit hers in the old club colour Camellia in Artisan Sock. Looks good in strong colours. Check!

And Dawn (Ravname: dawn76) knit hers in Indigo in Piquant Lite. Looks good in Artisan and Piquant Lite. Check!

Too much fun! This is the sign of a great pattern. I look forward to knitting more of Hunter's patterns in the future.

Thanks to everyone for letting me share their pictures.

Next time, we will check out what other patterns people have been knitting.



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