What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

It's been a while since we've had a look at what I've got on my needles. So naturally, I've got quite a few things to show you.

The Hazel Knits Ravelry group is currently holding a Knitalong for mittens, mitts and gloves. So far a lot of beautiful projects have been posted. I can't wait to see what other projects will be completed during the final three weeks of the KAL.

For this KAL, I decided to try my hand at colourwork again. I'm a tight knitter, so colourwork is challenging for me. Thank goodness for my mitten blockers. Another challenge I face is trying to put together colours that work together. For this project I choose the club colour Starry Night and Loosey Juicy and the pattern Skull Mittens. The result is very subtle, perhaps too subtle. But I love them none the less.

Now I just need to cast on the second mitt and I'll be on my way. Typical of the season though, I find I am distracted by holiday knits. My newest nephew will be receiving this Hello Big World knit in the recent club colour Witching Hour. I hope he likes it!

But not all of my holiday knits are gifts. I've recently become obsessed with ornaments, so as a little tribute to the KAL I recently released the free pattern - Tiny Leaves - Mittens. I can't get enough of these tiny mittens. I knit mine in Cherry Fizz, Carnelian and Pick Me.

But, my most recent obsession has been MochiMochi Snowmen. These may be the cutest thing I have ever knit. Isn't he adorable with his Carnelian scarf?

But be careful ... because you can't knit just one. Here he is with his friends: Cherry Fizz, Euphorbia, Splish Splash, Indigo and Pick Me. Each one is knit with Nekkid for the bodies and Blacklight for the stitching.

Hopefully, I've satisfied my obsession with these little guys. I've got deadlines! But don't be surprised if some of their MochiMochi friends don't show up here again. I just adore them!

I'll be back with more soon!




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