Featured Colourway of the Month

Did you know that every (well, almost every!) month Hazel Knits has a featured colourway of the month? And, that the featured colourway is offered on all the HK yarn bases at a 10% discount? AND, since last month there wasn't a featured colourway, that this month there are two featured colourways?

Check out this month's colourways - Orchid:

And Fresh Cut:

You can find out more info and order here. And while you are on the website check out the latest shipment of yarn bowls that have just arrived!

This past weekend my family went to Farm Party in celebration of local food and Earth Day. I picked up my first seedlings of the season. Beautiful Rosemary plants. I love Rosemary in hamburger and on potatoes. 

And I picked up the most gorgeous eggs ever.

I'm so excited about the start of market season around here, I just had to share. 


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