What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

Our knitalong featuring patterns by Andrea Rangel is continuing on Ravelry until the end of June. So far I have completed one of my Hex Socks. I'm knitting mine in Red Carpet in Artisan Sock.

Anklet socks knit up very quickly...provided you cast on the second one in a timely manner. I'd better cast on soon, or I am going to be late again!

It's not my fault though. I'm easily distracted. Last week, I had to cast on this adorable bonnet, Lilacs for Lila. It knit up in just a few hours in DK Lively and looks so cute in one of my all time favourite colours, Euphorbia.  And just because I don't know a single person with a baby or even expecting a baby didn't mean it wasn't an excellent use of my time.

I also finished my second pair of mittens from my newest pattern, Willowmere. This pair is the large size knit in Indigo in Artisan sock.  I think I will be gifting these later this year.

And of course I had to start a new design. I can't show much yet. It's a work in progress. But I'm really enjoying working in Sassafras and Splish Splash in Artisan sock.

So you see, it's not my fault. There are just too many temptations. But it's time to cast on that second Hex Sock now and get serious. There is still plenty of time for this KAL and I know I can get it done!


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