What the HK is on Viki's Needles?

Oh boy! I have lots of wonderful knits to show you today. Including a secret knit I've mentioned in the past that is finally ready to be revealed.

First, I finally finished my Old Joe socks that I was knitting as part of the Tribute KAL on Ravelry. They are in the club colour Sedge in Artisan Sock. They turned out beautifully, but if I did them again I would make the leg a little shorter. I prefer my socks mid-to-low calf.

And once one KAL is completed, naturally another one begins. If you haven't heard yet, the current HK Ravelry KAL features patterns by HK friend and talented designer, Andrea Rangel. Check out the KAL and join in the fun.

For this KAL, I am knitting a pair of Hex Socks in The Red Carpet in Artisan Sock. These are adorable anklet socks. I'm really looking forward to giving this style of sock a try. Hopefully I won't find this leg too short!

I've also cast on a secret test knit. I can't say more about this now, but you can see my progress so far in Splish Splash and Sassafras in Artisan Sock. More about this soon!

And I was finally able to finish and release my newest pattern, Willowmere. With twisted ribs and an afterthought thumb, this mitten is knit in Artisan Sock in the colour Posy and requires only 250-270 yards. If you are interested you can check out Willowmere on Ravelry.

And just for fun, I've cast on a second pair of Willowmere. This pair is in Indigo in Artisan Sock.

In case you don't think things like mittens can benefit from blocking, check out the picture below. The mitten on the top hasn't been blocked yet, the mitten on the bottom has. I can definitely see the difference. Blocking isn't just for lace!

In addition to my KAL project and the test knit, I'm currently working on a tutorial for afterthought thumbs that I hope to post here soon. It shouldn't take too long to bang out a pair of anklets, right?


Blogger Karen said...

Your Willowmere pattern is just beautiful! I look forward to making a pair for myself.

May 10, 2013 at 1:21 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I had this pattern on my wish list and someone just gifted it to me - I was so excited! I didn't make the connection that you were the designer until now. It is a beautiful pattern!

June 20, 2013 at 1:47 PM  

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