And the winner is...

Great comments on that last post everybody. For myself, I started out on four circulars, knitting my first socks around 2007. Fairly soon after I moved to 5 circs which helped me to solve my laddering problem. I always had runs between stitches where my needles changed.
In the more recent past (in the last year or two) I started using magic loop. This is definitely the way for me. And now that I've finally sprung for some Addi Turbo needles, there is no going back. The joins are so smooth.
I'm curious about Christine's comments about the Addi Turbo Lace needles smelling funny. I just got a pair and haven't experienced this problem yet. But if it is a problem that arises out of skin pH issues, I expect I will encounter it sooner or later. I have a habit of tarnishing nickel plated needles and I remember once having my makeup done professionally and the makeup artist being shocked that my lips turned a bright blue when she applied a very pink lipstick (it was the eighties!). Obviously I have some out of whack pH issues at times.
But enough about me. I know you're here to find out who is the winner of Andrea Rangel's Woodsmoke & Ash.


The originally winner we selected could not be contacted and did not contact us so we have selected a new winner. The random number generator has selected wildwoolly.  Congratulations wildwoolly. I will be getting in touch with you shortly through Ravelry.

Thanks again to Andrea for the informative tutorial and for the copy of her book. We'll make sure it gets into wildwoolly's hands as soon as we can.


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