What the HK is on Your Needles? Vol. 31

Yesterday, I was wasting time researching on Ravelry and found so many gorgeous projects knit out of Hazel Knits that I knew it was time for another What the HK? post.
With so many projects how do I select which projects to share? The key for me is to find a project that meets one or more of the following criteria: an interesting project, an interesting colour choice or colour pairing, a trendy new pattern or, perhaps most importantly, a great, clear, interesting photo.
So, here's what caught my eye yesterday.
We recently completed a knitalong on the Hazel Knits Ravelry group featuring patterns by Rosehiver. It was difficult to pick only a few to represent all the completed projects, but a few stood out.
Christine (ravname mapleweave) chose to shake up her project a bit by alternating which colour was the main colour (adding an extra level of complexity to the chart reading). She chose Chocolatier and the club colour By the Seashore in Artisan Sock to knit up this fun pair of fraternal Fireweeds.

Emilie (ravname Em-for-Me) knit her Fireweeds using Indigo and Nickel in Artisan Sock. I love the composition of this photo (and the obvious thought she put into taking it). The moss and angle of the photo make me feel like the shot was taken from a faerie's eye level. It's slightly whimsical.

Tara (ravname: Taraflea) chose to knit a different Rosehiver pattern for the KAL (after she already finished her Fireweeds!). She knit these intricate looking Water for Elephants socks in Equinox and Nekkid in Artisan Sock. This is the original pattern that drew me to Rosehiver's patterns and I was thrilled that Tara chose to knit them for the KAL.

Katniss was another popular pattern during the KAL and Lainey (ravname: lmolin) chose to knit her Katniss in Chocoberry in Artisan Sock. Chocoberry is a delicious colour that I haven't seen knit up enough times and the socks turned out awesome. Her photo really captures the colour.
How could this gorgeous shawl not catch my eye? Cassy (ravname: casystotyle) knit her Damask shawl in Saffron in Artisan Sock and it positively glows. You can find more of Cassy's projects and designs on her blog www.knitthehellout.com.

Ravname: lauramv knit up this Excess hat in Greenlake in Artisan Sock. What caught my eye? The simplicity, her smile and seriousness of the dog, and the fact that Greenlake was the first HK colour I ever used. She has several other photos on her project page that show the hat better, but this picture worked for me.

Megan (ravname: pandabearknits) knit up a cute Slable hat in the club colour Witching Hour. I personally love the colour (I was the designer for the club pattern that used this club colour so it has a special spot in my heart) but I also love the Toile-like background.  I love toile prints!

And finally, ravname: TheKnittingChica crocheted this stunning Mist Stole in Vamp in Artisan. The picture is beautiful and we don't see enough crocheted projects so this was an easy pick for me.


So that's what's grabbing my attention this week. What attracts you to a project? Do you try to make your project photos interesting or is your project page really just an inventory of what you've finished? I usually try to take good photos but get hit by the shy bug when I'm outside (in the best light) with my handknits. I'm afraid of what the neighbours will think.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their projects with us!


Anonymous Andrea Rangel said...

Whoa, I love these projects! That saffron shawl is just stunning & makes me need some saffron right here, right now. Thanks for sharing these!

November 15, 2012 at 7:51 PM  

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