Quick Knits for the Holidays

In just a few days we'll be turning the page on the calendar to December and realizing that the holidays are just around the corner. For some of us that means gift giving. And for some of us that means hand knit gifts. 

Yesterday, the Yarn Harlot wrote a blog post saying it was her day of reckoning. The day that she takes stock of what she has knit and what she wants to knit to give as gifts this year. She approaches the holidays (from this point forward) like a job, with spreadsheets and daily quotas.  I prefer a slightly more laid back approach, but to each their own.

If you find yourself in a similar position, with gifts that still need to be knit, you'll probably be looking for quick knits. One-skein projects. 

I thought I'd help by putting together a list of some quick projects from some of our HK friends (plus one really cute ornament I couldn't resist). Hopefully one of these ideas will help you get closer to your goal.

Let's start with Melissa Goodale's gorgeous Wild Cherry, knit with one skein of DK Lively. Ah, DK! So much faster than fingering weight (shown in Cherry Fizz in DK Lively).

 Photo by Mariana Kajlich

If you have a little more time, Verybusymonkey has lots of fingering weight shawls that would make stunning gifts. Dendrology has a nice garter stitch section that would help it move along quickly (shown in Equinox in Entice).

Slippers make a snuggly gift at this time of year and Andrea Rangel's Dinar slippers look super comfy with the yarn held double for a squishy sole (shown in Rick's Cognac in DK Lively).

Perhaps fingerless mitts are what you're looking for. Jennifer Chase-Rapport's Queen Anne mitts are lovely. And she has a pattern for a matching cowl if you're itching to make a set (shown in Frost in Artisan Sock).

But I live where it is pretty darn cold at this time of year, so I need my fingers covered. Might I recommend my own pattern, Willowmere? Taking less than 300 yards, mittens are are great choice for the time challenged (shown in Ruby Love in Artisan Sock).

Anne Hanson's Sparrow Song Cowl would make an impressive gift. The smallest size uses less than half a skein but there are other size options as well, if time permits (shown in Song Sparrow in Entice).

Every year I like to add new handmade ornaments to my Christmas tree and I think I just found this year's pattern. I'll be casting on for Sheep Balls later on today. I'm thinking of using Red Carpet, Sedge, Fudge and Nekkid. I can't wait!

Do you have any last minute gifts to knit? Or do you have any pattern ideas for quick knits? I'd love some more suggestions.


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