Hitch Winner!

I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments on my last post. It sort of made me realize that I haven't seen very many Hitchcock movies myself. I know I've seen North by Northwest. And I've heard of so many others and recognize them when they are referenced in other movies and tv shows. But I'm not sure I've actually seen very many. At least not all the way through. 

It's like these movies are so much a part of the mainstream consciousness, I'm so aware of them, but I'm not sure I've actually experienced them. Strange.

I think I may have some viewing to do. 

In the meantime, how about I announce the winner.

The name, randomly selected from the comments submitted, was gigiformilo. Gigiformilo, I'll be in touch for your mailing information shortly. I hope you enjoy you copy of Hitch.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I hope to have more interviews/giveaways for you soon. And congratulations, gigiformilo!


Blogger Gigiformilo said...

I am thrilled to be the very lucky winner of this great book. Cooperative Press is a special place and their generosity is much appreciated. I'm sure everyone will agree when I say Viki is the very best and we are all fortunate that she is so willing to keep us inspired by her efforts with the blog and the Ravelry group.
And of course, Wendee, what can I say, the gorgeous materials allow me to feel confident that my knitting time will produce a result that always makes me proud.
One million thanks to one to all!

November 20, 2013 at 3:17 PM  

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