Gloves, gloves, mittens!

Laris Designs pretty much has me swooning with all of her intricate glove patterns. It just so happens that we are doing a "beaded" KAL in the Hazel Knits group on Ravelry AND it just so happens that Laris is running a special promotional deal on her patterns (Ravelry downloads)... so I got three! Woot!

First we have Eve, which I might use for the KAL. (Totally copying Viki on this. It won't be the first time.) I haven't decided which color to knit, however I'm thinking about using the new Merino 9 base for this. It's a 9 ply with a tight twist (still fingering, though) so I'm thinking it will be hearty for gloves. Maybe ShannyPants?

Second, I had to have the Cheesehands. I couldn't resist these - especially since her sample was knit from my two favorite colors. I'm really excited to give some double knitting a shot on these. I'm thinking maybe Hoppy Blonde with Violeta or Hoppy Blonde with Splish Splash. Or maybe Blacklight with anything. Hmmm... decisions...

Finally, for my freebie pattern I chose Ramona. More double knitting. More awesomeness. High OcTANG and Beachglass? This is gonna be fun!

The 3 patterns for the price of 2 sale lasts through the end of the month. The Ravelry download is easy peasy and it automatically deducts the price off for the third pattern. (They are 4 Euros each, which comes to $11 plus change US dollars for the two.)

For more info about the Hazel Knits beaded KAL, check out this Ravelry thread. (Sorry non-knitters and lookie loos - Ravelry is a member only site. But it's free. And fun. Well, at least for fiber junkies...) Laris has a group too - lots of great FO's in that one. Indeed!


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