The Emerald City

Several months ago, I received a request from one of my LYS's, The Tinsmith's Wife to create a festive colorway for their 2nd anniversary party. They wanted something extra special to commemorate this milestone and it just seemed like a natural idea that I team up with who is becoming my partner in crime, Melissa from Stick Chick Knits. We wanted to make something that would really knock their customer's socks off. Knock their socks off? Just kidding - we wouldn't want that, so we opted for a shawl :).

Without further ado, I present to you "Emerald City" - a combination of rich greens and blues with highlights and low lights and a sprinkling of yellow.

While this sounds a little like something plucked straight from the land of Oz, it's is actually a nod to my beloved city, Seattle, which was officially nicknamed as "The Emerald City" back in the early 80's.

Of course, this yarn needed a spectacular design to really make it sing. Stick Chick Knits is on the case. Her drop dead gorgeous shawl, Eurybia, incorporates beads to really give it some shine.

Photo courtesy of Stick Chic Knits.

Both the yarn and the Eurybia pattern are available at The Tinsmith's Wife as an exclusive until mid-December. They are happy to ship and although their stock is running low from the sales during the anniversary gale, they will be restocked on both the yarn and patterns soon.

Beginning in mid-December the yarn will also be available on the Hazel Knits site and Eurybia will be available on Mel's site or by Ravelry download.


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